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US Home Aggregation identifies, acquires, and renovates homes that Americans aspire to live in. We offer affordable, safe, renovated high quality homes in good, middle class neighborhoods.

About US Home Aggregation

US Home Aggregation provides fully integrated Real Estate services in 9 US Markets and rapidly expanding nationwide.

US Home Aggregation is a top-performing operator in the single-family real estate industry, specializing in Acquisition, Disposition, Renovation, and Property Management.

We partner with various clients, such as Institutional REITs, Private Equity Funds, Asset Managers, and Regional Investors, to oversee the complete vertical, which includes Purchasing, Renovating, and Managing single-family rental investments.

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Markets Served
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Billion Dollars in Acquisitions

Our advanced technology and hands on approach offers our tenants access to properties they would struggle to find otherwise

Our Service Areas

US Home Aggregation strategically acquires, renovates and leases single-family homes to working Americans across targeted markets within the United States



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