John R Halasz

Chief Executive Officer

John Halasz is responsible for the overall management of the business. He provides approval and oversight of markets and final approval for all acquisitions.  Prior to US Home, John Halasz was a Managing Director for Conrex, a large aggregator of single-family homes based in the Southeast. He was actively involved in spot checking properties that were un-rented, touring homes in different stages of development and utilizing their proprietary technology to understand the direction of their markets, identify trends in purchase price, renovation and property management along with rental trends.  He is an opinion leader on Single Family Rental (SFR) space and regularly speaks in public forums on the SFR sector. He graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelor of Science in Business.


Chief Operating Officer

Colin Brechbill is the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer responsible for leading and enhancing the full vertical operations for US Home Aggregation. Having designed, coded and fully implemented several platforms designed specifically for the SFR space, his knowledge continues to lead the way for increased efficiency and scale.

Colin Brechbill was also a founding partner of Residential Capital Management (RCM 2010-2018) a full service vertically integrated SFR operator, working with the largest SFR institutional funds in the U.S., deploying over 1.2 Billion in capital.  RCM acquired, renovated and managed over 12,800 single family homes.  Over 1,200 properties were internally funded, renovated and sold to third parties and 9,500+ homes were purchased renovated and stabilized on behalf of Private Equity partners.  He was responsible for operations and their proprietary technology platform.

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